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Symptoms of inflammation are warning flares that your habits are too conventional.

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  • You’re busy with your life ... and your body is calling for your attention.

    You're frustrated with how you feel when you wake up and when you go to bed. You have habits that are accelerating your aging. Doh. Those habits make every day harder. Doh. If you're getting the memo — physically, mentally, and emotionally - it's time to heed the call. 

  • You feel more committed to your people or your projects than to your own body, right now. 

    You know something needs to change, and you'd rather be proactive than reactive. But life is full... and you'd love to have time for a smarter daily habit rhythm... but it never seems to happen. 
  • Symptoms are accumulating. Symptoms that used to come and go seem like they are here to stay. 

    When you look around, you see other people aren't exactly thriving either. A lot of people are carrying spare tires and complaining of not enough time for what matters most. 

    You get you are up against the rising tide of the habits of modern culture. The habits of chronic inflammation. 

    And you want out of the loop. Off the merry-go-round. You are ready to live your own life. Your own rhythm. And thrive in your body. Now. 

If you’re feeling any of these, I’m glad our paths crossed - because I can show you the fastest way to turn your body goals from wishful thinking into your lived reality. Fast. Like I have for busloads of other modern busy people… 

My name is Cate Stillman, and I’m an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder, and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Dynamic Groups. 

After spending the last 20 years guiding people into the daily habits that eat chronic inflammation for breakfast, I’ve heard the same stories over and over again…

People come to me and tell me they feel like they are aging way too fast. That they can't drop the weight. They can't focus. They have joint pain. 

Or that they love their people and their life, but they have put healing and cleaning up their act on the back burner because life is full, work is demanding, and smart phones suck time. 

Or they’ll come to me with a ton of stress and at their wits end with an autoimmune diagnosis, or a cancer diagnosis, or needing joint replacement.  

My answer to them (and to you) is that habits generate inflammation. Other habits eat inflammation for breakfast. You can heal. Your body knows how. And I can help you learn how to heal. Fast. And live a free and fantastic life that isn't plagued by the symptoms of chronic inflammation. Carpe fucking diem, baby.  

If you’re feeling any of these, I’m glad our paths crossed - because I can show you the fastest way to reach the next level of impact like I have for thousands of other wellness pros… 

My name is Cate Stillman, and I’m an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder, and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Dynamic Groups.
After spending the last 20 years supporting leaders in the wellness space, I’ve heard the same stories over and over again…

Experienced wellness pros come to me and tell me they feel like they care more about their clients than their clients care about themselves…

Or that they love what they do, but they’re tired of putting their own wellness and healing on the back burner to maintain their level of income…

Or they’ll come to me with a ton of ideas for a high-end program but have no idea how to structure it, price it, run it, or share it with the world. 

My answer to them (and to you) is that to reach the next level quickly (and with integrity), it’s no longer about earning more certifications, booking yourself solid, or simply charging more for your service…

Your BODY GOALS are worth your time and attention. Feeling great, having unlimited focus at will, and waking your soul up to a life of meaning is what happens when you work with Cate Stillman… 

And... the
 is where you begin.

What’s Inside? 

 1-1 coaching for chronic inflammation

Get your action plan for YOUR essential better habits. Clarify your next version of WINNING and not winning. Calculate what inflammation is costing you... and build a strategy from your critical issues.


Find the gaps and gains in your CIRCADIAN RHYTHM WHEEL. This points the way to the easiest wins in feeling great. When we know what habits to hack... all the faster to feeling good. 

Habit Evolution Strategies  

I'll show you Kaizen and the 5 Habit Triggers. Get into FORUM to ask questions and get live coaching in real time to put your strategies into action... fast.

BODY GOALS CRASH COURSEis a mix of self-paced video learning, ongoing group support, and 1:1 support from my team so you can simplify and scale your efforts to turning habits of chronic inflammation into habits that eat inflammation for breakfast. We're so good at this... you should invite us to help you. Now. Before you lose momentum. 
“Cate Stillman fundamentally changed the way I live. I was getting older. Now I'm getting younger.
– Beverlee Hamilton, BODY THRIVE member

What to expect from your 1:1 coaching sessions…

Kickstart Session 
with Anna

Anna Berkelmans will guide you in a strategic process for you to figure out what matters most... and how to act like it.

($750 Value):
Finalize Your BODY GOALS with Cate

When you sign up now, Cate is offering a session for BODY GOALS members. Cate's zone of genius is seeing your zone of genius… and upleveling your momentum to become your potential. Now.

Here’s what Cate Stillman's BODY THRIVE members are saying...

Body thrive is more than a 10 week crash course on how to feel better. It challenges me to listen to and let my intuition guide me in all aspects of my life. I am learning to look at life as a dynamic experience, one in which I have a central role in creating every single moment.
Heather Ferill
After Body Thrive, I have more energy, a more loving, kind relationship with myself, a cleaner diet, self integrity and a community of peeps who are heading down the same path. It's amazing! I'm in my 2nd round of Body Thrive right now and can feel the process continue to fine tune my daily rhythms. So grateful for this tribe.

Jamie Lynn Worster
Body Thrive brings a deeply accessible route to daily practices that help us savor long, healthy lives. Learn how to architect your choices, create the optimal environment for your wellness, and evolve your habits to get your cells working as an intelligent, unified whole.

Elena Brower

Take a second to imagine waking up feeling great...

  • Your thrive is built with better daily habits. We'll get you there, fast. 
  • Reclaim your health and wellbeing so you can show up for the life you want to live next. Now. 
  • Free up time with more intelligent habits. 
  • Architect your life to be increasingly better.
  • Understand what is causing your chronic inflammation, what that is costing you, and smarten up fast. 
  • And connect with people who are already at where you want to be next. This is the fastest path to health evolution. 


I never reach goals I set for my body. Why will this work? 

If you don't know kaizen or the 5 habit triggers you are trying to overcome your past habits without skills to habit hack. We'll quickly get you around that and on the path to better. 

My core people suck me backward. Can you help?

Yes. Your habits aren't your own. By hanging with us in the BODY GOALS Crash Course, you'll be with people with smarter habits. And we'll wear off on you. That is a key strategy for us to help you fast. 

Is there a guarantee? 

 Yes. If you show up and do this - go through the fast lessons, the worksheets, and the 1-1 coaching and it doesn't work for you - we'll happily refund you. Just get in and show up. 

How much time will this take? 

BODY GOALS is super fast. We compress the course to get you exactly what you need. You can do the whole thing in 2 hours, plus 1-1 coaching. 

You can also take advantage of the BONUS content, and keep learning from Cate for hours. It's all included. We're serious about uprooting chronic inflammation and support those who are ready to heal. Fast. Now. 
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